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Train for balance while developing upper body and core strength with the Abs Gym Ring. No longer reserved for gymnasts, you can now easily install it in your home gym or studio and adjust the rings to your needs.


Plastic Standard Grip

Made with high-quality plastic, you'll get lightweight and durable traction during bodyweight workouts. The Abs Gym Rings are a more economical choice for athletes on a budget while still offering high performance. With the standard 1.25” grip diameter, you get the benefits of a larger surface area for extra support and stability that alleviate joint pain from exercises.


Adjustable Safe Workouts

With 15 feet straps and metal buckles, the rings can be easily installed and adjusted on any anchored object such as a bar or beam in a garage or workout area. Holding up to 1,000 lbs., it's great for users of various heights and weights during instability bodyweight training.


Build Muscles Like a Gymnast

Have you ever seen a gymnast perform on the rings? If so, you’ve probably noticed their chiseled upper bodies and incredible muscular development, power, and core strength. Our Abs Gym Rings provide the same intense training for any athlete ready to enhance their conditioning. They’re a great way to expand your workout options and target muscles in new ways! Gym rings are excellent for a range of exercises and can be used similarly to TRX bands for full-body, functional workouts. Whether you’re a gymnast or just want to look like one, you'll get a unique way to challenge your body and keep your workouts fun! Perfect for upper body exercises like pull-ups, dips, push-ups, levers, muscle-ups, and core work.

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