World's first interchangeable cable pulley ratio (2:1 and 4:1). View actual unit at Fitness Concept (Pavilion KL)

The Force USA G15 Is Ideal for When:

  • Your workout space is limited
  • You want to skip the commute to the gym
  • You want to work out privately and safely
  • You want access to a commercial gym at home
  • You want a complete all-in-one solution
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Introducing Our Latest Stack + Plate All-In-One Trainer!

The all-new Force USA G15™ All-In-One Trainer features the World's first interchangeable cable pulley ratio (2:1 and 4:1), Heavy Duty Steel Uprights, Dual Integrated 285 lb Weight Stacks, 18 Attachments, and an optional Upgrade Kit.

The Force USA G15 base unit combines an entire commercial gym into a single power rack footprint, including a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Chin Up, Dip Handles, Low Row, Suspension Trainer, and a Lat Pulldown station.

Plus, when you purchase the optional Upgrade Kit, you'll receive three additional strength training stations, three functional attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves—all for one irresistible price!

  • 8-in-1 Strength Training System (Base Unit)
  • Interchangeable 2:1 and 4:1 Cable Ratios
  • 18 Functional Attachments Included
  • Dual Integrated 285 lb Weight Stacks
  • Optional Upgrade Kit Available
  • Professional Grade
  • 60 Adjustment Points on Uprights
  • 2x2 Uprights
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

    The pin and plate-loaded Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer base unit includes eight strength training machines, 18 attachments, and over 375 exercise possibilities combined into one commercial-grade home gym.

The G15 is the first of its kind, featuring a revolutionary and patented interchangeable cable ratio system that quickly transforms from 2:1 to 4:1, allowing multiple users to change the resistance levels between workouts effortlessly.

As if it wasn't already versatile enough, the G15 upgrade kit adds three additional workout stations, five attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves to level up the base unit even further.

The G15 All-In-One Trainer provides a full-body workout without filling up a whole room with individual machines. Save time, money, and space with the space-saving G15 strength training system!


80 in (W) x 53 in (D) x 87 in (H)
40 in (W) x 50 in (D) x 80 in (H)
Weight Rating:
Unit: 992 lb
Smith Machine: 772 lb
Chin-up: 772 lb
Pully Ratio:
2:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 50 lb
4:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 25 lb
6.2mm nylon coated mil spec aircraft quality cable tested to 2000 lb

G15 Base Model Included Attachments:

  • 2 x 285 lb Weight Stacks
  • 2 x J-Hooks
  • Adjustable Low Row Footplate
  • Dip Handle (Front Mounted)
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Front Safety Support Bars
  • Smith Safeties and Adjustable Hooks
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Knee Anchor for Lat Pulldowns
  • 2 x Single Nylon Cable D Handle
  • 2 x Adjustable Nylon Cable Handle
  • Tricep Rope
  • Tricep V Bar
  • Short Bar (Tricep Bar)
  • Revolving Dual Cable Straight Bar
  • Close Grip Row Handle
  • 4 x Extension Chains
  • 10 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 6 x Carabiners
  • 8 x Plate Holders
  • 2 x Barbell Storage
  • 2 x Exercise Charts (56 exercises)
  • Storage Hooks
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