• Innovative dual bars including shoulder press
  • Pull-up unit for varied pull-up training
  • Multi-adjustable backrest and seat
  • TNT resistance technology - silent training without weights
  • Your perfect full-body workout - over 140 varied exercises
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Full body workout with unique dual bars

This innovative weight station offers you a comprehensive workout for the whole body. The dual bars can be used not only for dips, but even for shoulder presses and leg raises. With TNT resistance technology, you experience even resistance of up to 125 kg, completely without disturbing noise for a neighbour-friendly workout. The BioForce Extreme Pro offers over 140 varied exercises to personalise your workout and make it effective.

Weight adjustment
  • Weight adjustment in seconds
    With TNT technology, you get a whisper-quiet full-body workout and save time. Without the hassle of carrying weights.
Pull-up bar
  • Variety of pull-ups
    The chrome plating is a visual highlight, while the non-slip ribbing ensures extra grip for narrow and wide pull-ups.




  • Over 140 exercises

    This power station offers you a perfect full-body workout with over 140 varied exercises. Whether you want to build your muscles or improve your strength, the BioForce Extreme Pro is the ideal companion for your workout at home.

Bench Pullup&Dip Schrägbankübung 1
Bench Pullup&Dip Schrägbankübung 2

  • Space-saving dual bars

    You can train versatile exercises such as dips, shoulder presses and leg raises with this machine on one or both sides. The chrome-plated handles offer you maximum grip. The clever folding mechanism offers unrestricted training freedom.




  • More effectiveness with dips

    Dips are ideal exercises for strength training and offer numerous benefits for strengthening the triceps, shoulders, chest and core.


TNT resistance technology


  • Absolutely silent

    The BioForce Extreme Pro redefines your training experience with the unique TNT resistance technology. The key benefits for effective and comfortable training:
    1. CONSISTENT RESISTANCE - The TNT resistance technology enables even resistance throughout the entire movement.
    2. PRECISE ADJUSTMENT - With the maximum weight of up to 125kg, TNT technology offers precise adjustment of the resistance. This allows you to personalise your workout and is suitable for all fitness level.
    3. SILENT TRAINING - The unique nitrogen cylinder technology ensure silent training without weight blocks colliding with each other. This creates a quiet and comfortable training environment, ideal tp training at home.
    4. CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE - TNT resistance technology ensure long-term quality. The nitrogen cylinders are robust and durable, guaranteeing you stress-free use of the BioForce Extreme Pro for years to come.


Tablet holder


  • Practical tablet holder

    Stream your favourite series on Netflix or let HAMMER Workouts guide you. Simply insert and position perfectly for unlimited entertainment and effective workouts.


Training freedom


  • Even more space

    The BioForce Extreme Pro's removable bench provides additional training freedom and flexibility. This allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises and make optimum use of your training space.


Bench Pullup&Dip Schrägbankübung 1

Bench Pullup&Dip Schrägbankübung 2


  • Effective chest and leg training

    Two muscle groups that are essential for a powerful and aesthetic appearance. With the BioForce Extreme Pro weight station, you can train these muscle groups effectively and comfortably at the same time.


Training ergonomics


  • Optimum training ergonomics

    The 2-way adjustable inclination of the backrest allows you to target a wide variety of muscle groups. The height-adjustable seat enables an efficient workout for all body sizes.


Chrome coating


  • Chrome coating for optimum grip

    Thanks to the combination of a high-quality chrome coating and specially developed non-slip ribbing, the BioForce Extreme Pro offers superior grip, regardless of the area of application.


Studio padding


  • Sweat-resistant leather

    The studio padding of the BioForce Extreme Pro sets new standards in terms of durability and comfort. No matter how intense your workout is, the surface ensures non-slip performance and allows you to concentrate fully on your training.



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