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FC Digital Hand Dynamometer

“Strengthen Your Grip, Measure Your Grip Power”
Grip, Wrist, and Forearm Strength Made Simple

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  1. 8 user profiles memory storage
  2. Adjustable handle to fit multiple user’s hands
  3. Anti-slip handle for better & comfort grip
  4. High precision sensor to measure grip strength up to 90kg / 198lbs
  5. Smart Counter: Count up to 1999 repetitions
  6. White backlight LED display your performance & progression in real-time
  7. Records data & compares it with previous results


  • Build strength & flexibility of the wrist, fingers and forearm
  • Measures your grip strength & record the results at any time & place                                
  • Suitable for most sports training, musician, injury rehabilitation & stress relieve



Enhance Your Fitness Journey with Precision Tracking! Track Your Progress and Achieve Fitness Goals! Precision Monitoring for Optimal Fitness Results!
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