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Color: Pink
Item Weight: 1.5KG per unit
Material: Neoprene
Special Feature: Non-Slip
Price: Per Pair
Now Only MYR38.40 Regular Price MYR45.60

More process perfect

The frame design after the multi-layer process, equipped with anti-collision safety materials, and the impact absorption angle structure can disperse severe impacts.


More ergonomic

The handle is more comfortable to grip, and the non-slip grip design is upgraded. The High-quality material coating makes it gentle to grip and prevents calluses, during use, you will not feel uncomfortable due to sweating, so you can enjoy the charm of sports.


More High-quality material

Using unique high-quality high-grade rubber material, smooth but non-slip to grip; this material is easier to wipe and clean. It is safer, non-toxic, non-harmless, and has no odor.


Solid cast iron

Made of high-quality cast iron core To enhance durability, toughness, and stability. The solid structure will not break or bend after repeated use.


Easy to store

Smaller area, unique upgrade design for dumbbell head, so that it occupies a smaller overall space. The upgraded hexagonal dumbbell can be placed anywhere without worrying about scrolling randomly.

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