3 in 1 - Cardio, Strength and Core! Scientifically proven to torch calories in minimal time with this high-intensity resistance machine. Work both sides of the body, core & legs at once, in an ergonomically correct way.



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Video shown above is Cross Rower 2.1 version

Total Body Workout in 10 Minutes

It's bi-directional resistance is uniquely designed to activate all the muscles of the body and kick start your metabolic furnace. No other piece of exercise equipment comes close to matching the full body, low impact, aerobic benefits of the Cross Row

Muscle building, endurance and motion dynamics

Thanks to the outstanding design and modern drive technology of the innovative rowing machine, “push-pull” training is available at any time. Give yourself new training incentives and work many different muscles at once or individually for a more targeted, intensive workout.

Train your biceps and triceps, chest and back, core and leg muscles effectively by intensively working out the entire muscle group at once for enhanced, more concentrated results. The simultaneous engagement of up to 90% of your muscles improves your flexibility and your entire motion dynamics, as well as your endurance.

Less time. Better results.

On the Cross Rower 2.5, you burn as many calories in 20 minutes as you would in an hour on the Cross Trainer, and maintain increased calorie consumption for up to 24 hours. In almost no time at all, you can effectively build muscle at home, tone your body and increase your fat burning capacity.

More variety. Fuller rowing experience.

The multi-position handles give you the freedom to place your hands for maximum comfort while rowing. The smart design of the handles expands your training options by allowing you to change the position of your hands to target different muscles. This lets you change your training focus during training.The best part: the integrated knob in the handle lets you change the training resistance as you are rowing.


  • Frame - Heavy-duty steel, matte black with chrome 
  • Upper body handles offer multiple positions to vary the muscle involvement
  • Large seat to accommodate different sized users
  • Flywheel - 30 lbs (14 kgs) with a silent drive chain
  • Resistance System - Magnetic
  • Display - LCD touch panel (6V, 4D size batteries)
  • Bluetooth - Ready to connect to all-new Inspire Fitness mobile app
  • Built-In - Tablet, water & personal item storage
  • Storage - Tilt upright, on front end to store
  • Max User Weight - 300 lbs (136 kgs)
  • Dimensions: 44in (W) x 76in (L) x 35in (H)


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