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Adjustable Hiking Pole With T Handle (Adjustable)

T-Handle Quick- Lock, Shock-Absorbent Walking Stick Hiking Pole for All Height Weight Men, Women, Kids

Anti-Slip Natural T Handlegrip of this trekking poles wicks away sweat from hands, comfy to use in both hot and cold temperatures.

This durable trekking poles/ hiking poles can withstand pressure and impact far superior then carbon fiber poles while in hiking- crucial if hiking on rocky terrain or supporting heavier weight.

Easier to Adjust than Twist Lock- Thanks to its lever-locks, the flip lock of trekking poles easier to set particular lengthtwist lock, allowing the hiking poles great for people of any height(men, women, kids).

Helps to keep your balance & maneuver tricky trails.

Gives support and reduces stress on knees & legs

For self-defense: to fend off wild animals when necessary

Comes with strap to prevent loss of the stock when the hand release its grip

Made of light weight, durable aluminum alloy – 275g

Anti-shock on / off design

3 section adjustable length from 66 cm – 135 cm

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