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Inspire M1 Multi Gym

Inspire M1 Multi Gym

The Ultimate Cable Gym for Unlimited Exercises
All new model of M1 comes in matte black.
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It's all about freedom!  The M1 is the ultimate cable gym.  What's so great about cables?  A lot.  All six pull points on the M1 require the user to balance the weight as exercises are performed.  This builds coordination as stabilizer muscles are recruited for balance.  The freedom of cable resistance also allows for greater range of motion, further increasing muscle fiber involvement and improving results. 

The M1 MultiGym's six independent handles help to promote isolateral training, which is an exercise technique used in strength and fitness training that focuses on one side of the body rather than both sides at once.
The low pulley points allow for shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep curls and lateral raises. The telescopic bench can be adjusted for quad and hamstring work. The bench can also be adjusted to a flat position for chest presses.
The mid pulley points allow for chest work - flat, incline and decline options. The back pad can be adjusted on the bench for chest supported seated rows.
The high handles allow for lat pull downs, tricep push downs, as well as bicep and tricep work.
If you are looking for a sculpted body in record time, look no further.  The M1 is the answer.         

Frame:  Heavy-duty round tubular steel
Powder Coated Finish:  An electrostatic powder coat offers a durable, maintenance free finish
Weight Stack:  160 lb. commercial weight stack with solid guide rods and center drilled weight plates
Backrest: 6 multi angle positions
Accessories:  Two pairs of D Handles; One pair of Multi-Ring D Handles
Full Color Exercise Chart Included (62 x 92.5cm)
Dimensions:  34" W x 74" L x 84" H





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